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Unique and Serene

Black Swan truly is luxury on the lakeside.

Black Swan Lakeside Boutique Hotel cares about adding value for our guests beyond a room to rest your head. Our philosophy is about distinction and sharing the New Zealand story with you. All this in a setting of authentic luxury, where everything you touch in these exquisite rooms is of the highest quality. The designer lounges were made to be lounged on. The one acre of grounds includes rose gardens, sweeping lawns, swimming pool, secret grotto, sandy beach, private jetty and nine guest rooms. Each room is conceived to deliver a meaningful experience and strong connection to space.

Our Rooms

Black Swan Accommodation

Serene, Stylish, Sexy

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Luxury on the Lakefront

The breeze along Rotorua’s lakefront whispers a thousand captivating stories of those who were here before us. Our land and lakes have shaped us and inspired us. We are explorers and guardians of this place. In the sunshine Lake Rotorua is a spectacular light show; the clear blue sparkling waters ringed by their green bush-clad hills, with the bold beautiful Ngongotaha looking down over the idyllic red-roofed town, and the steam-clouds of geothermal wonderlands swaying like white feathers against the blue. Then as night falls, stars fill the skies, in an electric symphony of luminosity and if you listen carefully, you can hear the swans musical whisper across the misty water. This sanctuary is home to Black Swan where the stories of these colourful lands are shared in a setting of luxury. With unspoilt views of Lake Rotorua, you'll be thoroughly immersed in waterfront atmosphere.

Black Swan Lakeside Boutique Hotel
171 Kawaha Point Road, Kawaha Point, Rotorua, New Zealand

Serene, Stylish, Sexy

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